Soft Comfortable Bed



Color: White


Luscious house for your pet that doubles as décor! Get your pet the soft rounded faux fur living space and make her winter days warm. It’s stuffed with PP cotton and has raised sides to accommodate your pet in just the perfect way. The bedding is super soft and feels plush on the skin, making it your cat’s favorite snuggling spot!

Apart from being comfortable and cozy, it also makes for great aesthetics and can be used as home décor. With the ultimate cotton and faux fur combination, and delightful color, it gives a stunningly beautiful look of that of a donut – one that is a constant source of pleasure for guests and visitors.

Now your cat will get a sound sleep and wake up full of energy. Bottom and sides are fully padded – suitable for keeping muscles relaxed. Besides, the pet house is highly portable and easy to move around. It can be opened to clean whenever required.

  • PP Cotton + Faux Fur Composition
  • Padded interior with soft walls
  • Durable and doesn’t lose fur
  • Non-slip bottom keeps it stationery
  • Super warm and plush
  • Comes in several attractive colors
  • Available in XXS, S, M, L, XL and XL


Calming anxiety bed round sleeper comfort 

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