Cute Portable Water Bottle



Color: White


 Your dog looks parched. The car has been moving since 2 hours and e hasn’t drank during all this time. You stop the car, take out the bottle and feed him. SPLASH! Half of the bottle is suddenly empty as apparently your dog got a bit too carried away on spotting water that it splashed it all around! So, now you know regular bottles are not fit for pets even when the car is halted. It’s okay even if you learned it the hard way, at least it introduced you to the brand new portable dog water bottle! 

This bottle is a testimony to how art and creativity are facilitating life. Your dog can now rest his mouth on the cup while you press the button to dispense water in measured quantity. There’s a lock included as well which makes it leak-proof. Always keep it with you whenever traveling with your furry friend!

  • Manufactured with food grade ABS material
  • Leak Proof Lock keeps water sealed
  • Expedites the feeding process
  • Prevents splattering and splashing
  • Keeps water fresh for long intervals
  • Available in 350, 480, and 550ml

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