NEW! I Love My Mommy Hoodie



Color: Pink


A new winter look that keeps eyes hooked! It gets freezing cold in winters and if you find your cat curling up under the weight of blankets or snuggling on the couch, that’s a sign that she is feeling cold and would love some clothing on her. Being a loving owner, you shouldn’t ignore this behaviour and order the new security cat hoodie right away!

The brand new winter flavour is lined with fleece to keep your furry friend warm and cosy. Whether she wants to catch some fresh air or stay tucked in indoors – the hoodie provides utmost warmth and comfort in all situations.

There’s ‘I Love My Mom’ text printed on the back that solicits ‘aww’ from onlookers as they know this little fur ball is just posing to look strong!

  • High quality fleece that protects against harsh winters
  • Covers whole body – including the head
  • Interior is lined with breathable fabric for ventilation
  • Flexible and stretchy to prevent discomfort
  • Several bright colours to choose from
  • Available in XS, S, M, and L




sweater Sweater warm hoodie pull over pullover 

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