The No Mess Scoopie for Walks



Color: Blue


Picking up your dog’s poo is messy business. You don’t feel like picking it up but you can’t leave it there either! This is the perfect example of being caught in a bind. But don’t worry, the intelligently designed pooper scooper is here to help you claw out of the bind. Now you won’t have to worry about taking your dog out for a walk – he can go whenever he feels like without leaving his owner scratching their head.

Visibly simplistic poop picking tool follows a minimal design based on premium plastic. You press on the lever to open up its jaws and swipe it on the poo – that’s it. You also get the option to attach a polythene bag on the jaws so that the waste goes directly into.

  • Made of durable Plastic material
  • Portable design – perfect for travel, outdoors
  • Prevents direct contact with the poo
  • Can be rinsed and reused
  • Small size – 5.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Large size – 7.5 x 6.1 inches

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