Elegant Tartan Dog Harness & Leash



Color: Tan


This tartan harness gives your dog a fantastic upgrade!

There’s nothing more exciting for a pet owner than walking out their canine. If you’re a pet parent, you probably take your dog out for a walk multiple times each week. And if your dog is a bit stronger, the leash alone is NOT enough. This is where a harness comes in.

This eye-grabbing harness is snug-fitting so your naughty canine couldn’t get out of it. You get better control and you don’t have to run to catch up to his speed. This is a great combination of elegance and comfort, designed to keep you and your pooch together as you move around the neighborhood. The beautiful multi-colored stripes create a tastefully artistic style bound to impress everyone around. There’s also a rust-resistant D-ring on the back for leashing effortlessly!

  • Fabric allows ventilation
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Adjustable, form-fitting fabric
  • Gives your furry friend a personality uplift
  • Colors: Blue/Grey and Tan

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