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Whether you have a short toy poodle, or timid Chihuahua, French bulldog or a full sized Mastiff – they all need proper cover to keep the chilly winds at bay! If you really care about your most loyal friend, ORDER the furry super warm winter hoodie right away!

Crafted from soft fleece, the hoodie is warmer, cozier and provides much better protection against the fast blowing wind currents. The interior is padded for utmost comfort and feels very soft on the skin. It has a moderate stretch to it that ensures the hoodie isn’t too tight or causing your furry friend any discomfort.

Apart from being warm, it also complements your pet’s appearance and makes him look even more adorable. With rabbit like ears and a baby jacket design, you won’t be able to resist and pick up that cute fur mass to snuggle immediately!

  • Made of top of the line warm and cozy fleece
  • Button closure front for adjustability and easier wearing
  • Hooded design ensures all body protection
  • Can be a great costume for taking your dog outdoors
  • Two cute colors to choose from – Light Pink, and Gray
  • Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL

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